Media Clips

We hope you will enjoy these clips of the pianos we've restored!

Garrick Ohlsson plays his 1920's Boesendorfer, with its newly rebalanced action.

Concert Pianist Jerry Kuderna at the newly restored 1938 Hamburg Steinway C (7'4") formerly owned by internationally reknowned pianist, John Browning. A few weeks after we made this film clip, he was able to acquire this piano, which he now plays daily and has performed and recorded on. He recently commented that owning this piano has changed his life!

San Jose State University music faculty member Gwendolyn Mok responds to a 1905 Steinway O, restored with Stanwood Precision TouchDesignTM action.

Professional pianist Jonathan Alford experiences the Stanwood action balancing system on a newly restored 1938 Hamburg Steinway Model C (7'4").

Bay Area performer Frederick Hodges plays a newly restored 1938 Hamburg Steinway Model C (7'4").

Jazz pianist Tammy Hall discusses the Stanwood action balancing system.

Concert Pianist Paul Roberts plays Ravel on a 1904 Steinway O rebuilt at CPS in 2008.

All clips on this page were filmed by John Callahan in the Callahan Piano Services workshop, except footage of Ms. Tammy Hall, which was shot and edited by Elfenworks Productions, LLC.

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