Kudos from Thad Carhart, author
New York Times Best Seller The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

"Thank you for making me so welcome in your very special 'atelier' once again. The seriousness and rigor of you and your colleagues never cease to amaze me, and the passion behind your craftsmanship is something rare to behold. And thank goodness there's also a wonderful spirit of fun in your workshop.

"In many ways visiting your work space reminds me of the delightful mood that first attracted me to the piano shop in Paris that I wrote about in "The Piano Shop on the Left Bank", (though yours is considerably more ordered and clean than Luc's.) In both places a sense of high purpose is joined to a spirit of play, and I can think of no higher compliment to describe a place where machines are prepared for the delicate whimsy of giving forth music.

"Among the many treats of stopping by Callahan Piano Company is knowing that there will always be some treasure, recently restored by you and your craftsmen, that will defy superlatives when one touches the keyboard. It is always a pleasure to see you and your colleagues again, and to lay eyes (and my inadequate hands...) on the instruments you so carefully restore." -- Thad Carhart, author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

Sailing on Django - Thad Carhart and John Callahan
Thad Carhart and John Callahan on the good ship Django

Callahan Piano